About PHYGITS Live


The Retail industry is currently undergoing technology led business transformation and retailers realize that adoption of new age technology is the only way to catalyze business growth. Retailers are in a quest to learn about and leverage newer technology innovations in a bid to gain competitive advantage.  PHYGITS Live is a Digital Transformation Strategy Summit showcasing new technologies actually deployed as used case studies.

PHYGITS LIVE – a new event design concept with a first of its kind CASE STUDY PRESENTATION format involving the retailer and the tech partner jointly presenting a crisp PoC narration from challenge to solution which will

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Moving away from the traditional event design where future Wishlist are discussed, PHYGITS LIVE delivers quality content on narration of real life success stories around technology led business transformation through a unique event design & content

Meet the Experts” who have DONE IT, learn from their experiences and adopt real learnings. Welcome to the new Experience of Digital Transformation at PHYGITS LIVE!!