Session Tracks

Marketing & Customer Centricity

This track will focus on customer-centricity and its role in eCommerce as well as what steps you can take to ensure your SEO remains effective. The session will also cover how sales and customer engagement can be increased through personalisation, how to drive profitability from social media and how you can achieve real insight and ROI from your customer data.

Function focus:
    Marketing, Finance, CXO

Categories: Retail, eCommerce, Malls & Airports

Panel Discussion

Unlocking the importance of Customer-Centricity in evolving Brick & Mortar & Ecommerce Business

  • How does an organization pivot from brand-centric thinking to customer-centric thinking?
  • Role of technology & digital platforms in building a truly customer-centric approach.
  • Shifting from a marketing focus to putting a customer-centricity strategy at the heart of your business
  • Creating a seamless experience through a single view of your customer

Case Study

Social Currency in retail – How a leading Mall helped fashion brands build traction using digital media.

  • How is “customer equity” (or social currency) calculated, communicated, and leveraged by brands & retailers?
  • Aligning Organisations around Customer Equity and calculate ROI on various marketing activities.

Case Study

CRM Solution - Building a 360 degree view of the Customer to deliver a better experience & Loyalty.

  • Journey of achieving Multi-channel capabilities keeping the customer at the centre of entire business model
  • Reduce call handling time at the contact centre and derive customer loyalty

Case Study

Personalisation for upselling and cross selling

  • Incubating data strategy and leveraging it within stores for upselling & cross selling
  • Build offers and discounts for loyal customers across channels.

Channels & Beyond

Customer Expectations are growing with the advent of newer channels of retailing. The track will focus on Omnichannel Retail and how retailers could leverage stores to engage with shoppers, drive ROI from click & collect, capitalise on the single customer -view and create the right internal culture for your staff to achieve a seamless customer mind-set.


Function focus: Technology, Operations
Categories: Retail & eCommerce,


Engaging Customers seamlessly across touch points to bring a unified Shopping Experience!!

  • Understanding consumer trends and build a more seamless shopping environment whether in-store or any other channels.
  • How to drive a unified marketing strategy that delivers ROI, engagement, conversion and loyalty.
  • Merchandising strategy to build traction and increase sales revenue across various channels.
  • Create a future action plan to overcome challenges & disruptions in the evolving customer expectations.


Convergence of Online and Offline in the era of discounts v/s experience.

  • Understanding consumer behaviour across channels and offering them a consisting experience
  • Offering customer, a personalised and assistive shopping experience to stay ahead of competitors
  • Strategy to overcome the challenges of discounts v/s experience.
  • Data is currency – define your long terms goals on leveraging data to build a robust business model

Case Study

Enabling a superior shopping experience by Integrating online & offline world through a Omnichannel App. Case Study of a leading Hypermarket

  • To be most engaging and innovative HyperMarket in India and working towards delivering this to customer.
  • Build a unified & assistive shopping experience at the store and also provide customer the convenience of Omnichannel

Case Study

Click & Collect Strategy of a O2O retailer to drive customer convenience & increase in revenue

  • How do you perfect a great click and collect service strategy for the customer and learnings for retailers
  • Optimise your store operations and stocks to minimise the time between checkout and collect?

Supply Chain the Last Mile

Deliveries have become important aspect of customer experience and the last mile is a key differentiator. The track focusses on supply chain and its impact on customer experience and overall business strategy.


Function focus: Supply Chain, Technology, Operations, CXO
Categories: Omnichannel, eCommerce

Panel Discussion

Click & Deliver – Building a robust same day delivery model to win customer sentiments and lifetime loyalty

  • Strategies for building cost-effective same day delivery system by understanding customer needs
  • Internal assessment and re-alignment of processes to ensure time delivery
  • Third party carriers and technology which can fulfil customer expectations


How to build a successful state-of-the-art retail operation in an Omnichannel Era

  • Aligning internal processes, integrating services, increasing efficiency and reduce overall cost of operation.
  • Evaluating systems and technologies which will provide better visibility of the last mile.
  • Building Analytics to understand customer concentration and improve throughput.

Case Study

How does a leading fashion brand sells in-store, marketplace and ecommerce by way of effective supplychain

  • Build a strategy that maximizes visibility across channels for a seamless customer experience
  • Merchandising strategy aligning different channels for upsell and cross sell
  • Data analytics of customer demand to ensure availability of stocks at store and warehouse.

Emerging Technologies

Retailers are looking at newer technologies which will help them build customer engagement to stay ahead of the game.. This track will focus on Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, Chatbots, IoT. The sessions will bring in newer perspectives for your business and help you build vision 2020


Function focus:    Technology, Marketing, Finance, CXO

Categories: Retail, eCommerce, Malls

Panel Discussion

Siri, Alexa and beyond: Impact of Voice-activated search & shopping in the retail landscape

  • Evaluating how Google Home & Amazon Echo can build new shopping experience through voice activation
  • Building future ecommerce sites to capitalise on voice technology?
  • How can retailers leverage voice technology to create a seamless customer journey?

Case Study

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce volume of calls while maintaining best-in-class Customer service

  • Leveraging AI to drive digital self-service and reduce calls to contact centre
  • Manage information from a central location thereby reducing time and cost.
  • Bring better customer experience and customer complaint resolve time to build loyalty.

Case Study

Resolving Customer Engagement with a personalised customer support across channels

  • Providing consistent customer support across a variety of channels to deliver personalized experiences
  • Moving away from the traditional customer support systems like CRM, ticketing, etc to understand customer journey and ways to resolve the issues.

Case Study

Building a new channel of personalized Shopping experience through Chatbots

  • Evaluating customer intelligence and engaging with personalised content and context for seamless shopping
  • Upselling through recommendation using best in class Artificial Intelligence (AI) system
  • Integrating digital payment system to complete the shopping cycle.

In-Store technologies

The 21st century shopper has high expectations in terms of in-store experience. Retailers need to ensure that they have the right merchandise at the right time with a backup of sales and service in the store. New developments in POS systems, O2O, the endless aisle, indoor positioning systems, Proximity Marketing and Data Analytics is driving retailers to create superior and differentiated Customer Experience.


Function focus:     Marketing, Technology, Store Operations, Business Heads, CXO's

Categories: Retail, Airports & Malls

Case Study

Mobile POS systems & self service kiosks

  • Strategies for creating better CX through quicker billing and express check outs.
  • Internal assessment and re-alignment of processes to ensure that sales staff get more time to up sell and cross sell.

Case study

Use of Indoor Positioning systems to help customers find their merchandise

  • Indoor positioning system embedded in lighting system will help customers find products within the store.
  • Proximity Marketing & Personalization
  • Building Analytics to understand customer concentration and improve throughput.

Case Study

Using Smart Shop fittings to create customer friendly micro-environments

  • Use of powered shop fittings that customize the back drop lighting in various merchandise zones in-store.
  • The same shop fittings power tablets that can scan products and give you information on the product and on related products.
  • The power enabled fitting can empower you to order from the rack and get it delivered from the warehouse.

Digital Payment solutions

Digital payments have not only enabled customer convenience but it has been a value accelerator for retailers with banks and the cards & the payments industry partnering with retailers for promotions and cash backs thus driving consumption and growth. The digital payments industry is innovating at a fast pace and this is good news for retailers and their customers. Come witness how this is changing the way consumer trade upwards and how this helps grows sales.


Function focus:     Marketing, Technology, Store Operations, Business Heads, CFOs

Categories: Retail, Airports & Malls

Case Study

Contactless Payments

Contactless payment is the latest in secure technology by using RFID technology or near-field communication (NFC). It will help the customer spend less time at the cash counter and give them the freedom to shop more enhancing experience.

Case study

Payment Networks into a “Marketing and Promotions Network”

This allows retailers to reduce costs and grow their business with innovative set of value added business services like EMI, Rewards Redemption, DCC, Prepaid / Gift Cards, e-Wallet, POS promotions etc. on a single POS (Point of Sale). Learn how this empowers your customers to up trade and the business to grow.