Siddhesh Sharma

Siddhesh Sharma, President of the Baidyanath Group has, over time, amassed plenty of ancestral business knowhow and married it to modern-day applications of Ayurveda in the past decade. Although contemporary in his thought process, his approach represents a paradigm shift in the mindset of the progressive Indian consumer – one who is looking for practical and accessible health.

An alumnus of the University of Nottingham and a branch out of the ‘FBM’ program at the SP Jain Institute, Mumbai, the young scion enjoyed a rather ‘normal upbringing’ albeit with lessons rooted firmly in business from a young age. A decade old in his entrepreneurial journey that spans across varied sectors – healthcare, mining, hospitality and more, Siddhesh still feels new to the ever-evolving innovation-driven landscape and exudes excitement at the prospect of upcoming projects (and challenges that come with) – of which he is currently helming two.

He recently launched his own company, Naturedge Beverages, which manufactures functional beverages. It currently has two product lines – Shunya, a zero-sugar herbal health drink and ARMR, an anti-hangover beverage.