Who can Sponsor/Exhibit

Technology companies who have deployed cutting edge solutions with retailers in recent times and wish to share their success stories. PHYGITS is wanting to unveil new age technologies that can drive retail business and welcome tech companies that want to launch their innovations in the Indian market. Solution domains that are receiving special attention from retailers include..


  1. In-store technologies – POS – mobile / tablet POS, Self-service kiosks, Sensor Data / Beacons, Crowd density measurement, Proximity Marketing, Personalization, In-store navigation, Geo-location mapping, Barcode scanners, Printers, Security & Surveillance, Digital signage’s, Cash Management.
  2. Omni-channel – e-commerce technology, Endless aisle, Enterprise Mobility, In-store APPs, O2O, Real time inventory management, Customer Service, Data Analytics, Last mile fulfillment
  3. Customer experience & Loyalty –  Cross channel CRM, Loyalty, Digital strategies, Interactive technologies, PLM.
  4. Data Analytics – 3-D data modeling, Demand forecasting, Big Data, Predictive Analysis, Merchandise Management.
  5. Emerging Technologies – AI, IoT, ML, Chatbots, AR, VR, Facial recognition, Wearable technology, Magic Mirror.
  6. Supply chain – Warehouse automation / Robotics, Responsive Logistics, Smart sensing inventory management, Predictive replenishment
  7. B2B and Market Place – Technologies enabling extended commerce.