7 reasons why your company should invest in PHYGITS LIVE

1. Showcase your Solution to those who matter

Your partnership with PHYGITS LIVE puts your business authority in your industry and will help boosts your credibility. Your brand will cover various touchpoints of the event and will make attendees eager to learn more about your solution. Your partnership with PHYGITS LIVE is a fantastic way to showcase your expertise to a large engaged audience. Using PHYGITS LIVE platform for a pure sales pitch is considered a real audience turn off.

2. Get in front of your target market

Your decision to partner with PHYGITS LIVE is purely based on who is attending the event, what is the focus of the event and attendee profile. PHYGITS LIVE brings right stakeholders from retail industry who are likely your target customers, who you can build relationships with.

3. Brand awareness & media exposure

PHYGITS LIVE gives your brand the opportunity to generate awareness, boost the perceived image of your business and gain media exposure. PHYGITS LIVE will bring familiarity to your brand with sustained media campaigns across all media and everytime your brand name is associated with positive experiences or emotions the stronger your brand awareness will be.

4. Increase your reach and exposure to new clients, customers and businesses

PHYGITS LIVE Promotions are planned across - social media, magazine, emails, focussed digital portals and possibly even television partner. As a partner your name and logo will potentially be used during these outreach campaigns. It will also be used when approaching other businesses for sponsorship - again increasing your reach and boosting your authority in your industry.

5. Reconnect with customers and engage with an audience

Modern retail is in the phase of expansion and you will have the opportunity to speak with some of your current customers and your prospective customers. This will give you a great chance to reconnect and get feedback on how your product or solution is performing. You can also use PHYGITS LIVE as a platform to educate your existing customers about any launches you are planning.

6. Generate strong leads

PHYGITS LIVE promises to generate quality leads as delegates are actively interested in learning and improving aspects of their business operations. At PHYGITS LIVE the delegates attend to understand various technology solutions and how they could use in their business. Traction and footfalls at your exhibition booth will only come when you start interacting with event attendees and make them involved in your conversation.

7. Deliver great ROI

PHYGITS LIVE, the technology focussed platform of retail industry will help to drive higher return on investment (ROI) than a conventional advertising methods. This is because events, especially B2B tradeshows, have a very specific target market. Conventional advertising is usually less specific and therefore less likely to have a high concentration of your target audience.